Experimental Sensor II:

This is one of my most prized possessions. The Sensor is invaluable for raising your energy for a higher vibration! You can FEEL the difference when wearing it! Also, if you choose to sleep with the Sensor, you will have very powerful dreams. If you do any sort of lucid dreaming or astral projection, this sensor is a fantastic assistance for your Consciousness! I have had visitations in my dreams from Thoth, which I wasn't aware of his connection with the sensor until I further researched the design by Flanagan. (Read at the bottom for information on how Thoth and the Sensor are connected.)

The sensor itself is 1.5 inches in diameter, and is mounted with two jump rings to a chain that is 24 inches long. Spring-ring clasp. The chain is at this length in order to be placed over your heart chakra. It's the equivalent design of sitting under a 2.5 foot tall pyramid. The sensor itself is made of bronze. The internal construction is of 24 karat gold plated copper rings. You can read more about the sensor at the end of my description. There is minimal color-wear to the jump rings, and the chain still has an attractive gold-color.

On one side there is heiroglyphics and a toroidal design. Each sensor is individually numbered, for original registry. This is a very low 4 digit number - #1097 on the reverse with "(c)1976 PAT FLANAGAN experimental SENSOR ii USA registered number 1097."

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    This is what the Internet has to say about the Sensor:

    This powerful toroidal design was used by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in the 1970's and 1980's. The Sensor was developed by scientifically measuring the cosmic energy which is continually broadcast from the capstone of a properly designed and magnetically aligned pyramid (based on the sacred geometry and physical measurements of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt). The Sensor is a very powerful little device and can effect any living organic material (including humans) in positive and beneficial ways. If one puts a sensor around the neck, the energy level of the carrier raises itself clearly. With this chain, it will lie over the heart chakra. The sensor can concentrate as much energy as a two meter high pyramid, and works as resonator for life energy.

    The effect of the sensor was scientifically confirmed. Dr. Philip Callahan of the University of Florida who examined the sensor by means of one "nearly Fourrier transformation infrared of spectrometer' and certified in its effectiveness as resonator for FIR energies - infrared energy in the wavelength coverage of 1 to 10 Micron. In addition, the studies showed that this exact power spectrum is particularly important for biological processes in all living systems. Also, NASA had worked in the context of the space program with FIR energies.

    The FIR energies generated by the sensor are said to have the following effects:

  • Increased blood circulation and thereby increased energy reserves of the body
  • Accelerated metabolic exchange between blood and body fabric
  • Increase of the defense forces
  • Support of the optimal function of the entire nervous system
  • Protection from the possible negative effects by electromagnetic radiation

    Some suggested experimental uses:

  • A new geometrically harmonious way to apply Rife frequencies
  • Use as a powerful, directional, hyper-dimensional antenna for radionic instruments
  • Restoring normal form and function to human and animal energy and pranic systems
  • Restoring natural environmental harmony
  • Enhance acupuncture and meridian therapy
  • Charging, transforming and restructuring homeopathics, water and food
  • Neutralizing the harmful effects of food additives, chemicals, and pesticides
  • Accelerated plant growth research
  • Cleansing and balancing the chakras
  • Enhance meditation and sleep patterns
  • Counter the effects of negative energies which cause stress on the energetic body
  • Program and charge crystals
  • Pain relief
  • Rebalance and revive yourself
  • Boost your energy level
  • Vibrational medicine applications
  • Advanced Feng Shui energy manipulation
  • Distant healing and non-local quantum field research
  • Sports performance and energy enhancement application

    The Flanagan Sensor is a form of advanced jewelry that incorporates the energy of shape. The spirals on the front and back of it are Fibonacci spirals, creating a 2-dimensional vortex of torsion energy. The device's shape structures random (microwave, cosmic and other) energy in the environment, "tuning" that energy in such a way that it is harmonious to the human bio-system. Wearing it can actually increase your energy up to 20%. There are various forms of testing to demonstrate this. One form of testing is kinesiology or "muscle testing." A good chiropractor should be familiar with kinesiology. Simply holding the sensor or wearing it causes all of your meridians to go into balance. When you're in balance, you can handle stress better, make better decisions, have more energy overall, etc. That is the purpose of the sensor.

    Dr. Flanagan is the author of, Pyramid Power, Beyond Pyramid Power (about topological electronics and tensor fields), Pyramid Power II (rare), and several other scientific dissertations.

    The background on the creation of the Sensor: In 1972 a scientist named Pat Flanagan from Oklahoma, wrote "Pyramid Power." In 1974 Dr. Flanagan and his wife spent the night in the King's Chamber, inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. He wrote: "A full description of that event will have to wait for the publication of our full length book on the Neurophone. (see also "Gods of Aquarius" by Brad Stieger, a starseed book) I can say that I had an experience of enlightenment, including a full blown Kundalini Release. After that experience, I became a trance medium. During one of my trances, the message came through that the speech processing patent he first created when he was 14, which was under secrecy so long, was in actuality the perfect Neurophone circuit." While in the Pyramid of Giza, he is said to have met Thoth who gave him instructions on how to create the sensor disc medallions. They are allegedly linked to the energy of the capstone. They are called a sensor as they are very sensitive to biocosmic energy from the solar system. Called the rings of fire, these planar Tensor Field Devices represent a cross section of waves from a spherical energy source. The sensors are analogous to some forms of planar-reflective microwave antennas. They do all the tensor field phenomena performed by the three dimensional shapes such as the pyramid, hemisphere, and cone. All experiments performed with a pyramid can also be performed with the Sensor. Each sensor is comprised of a number of 24K gold plated copper rings on a dielectric substrate. The Sensor is basically a flat pyramid of an infinite number of sides.